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Cynthia Remmers practices as an effective mediator and arbitrator for a full range of individual, multiple-party and class action employment, intellectual property, and business disputes.  In every engagement, Cynthia draws on her 35+ years of legal expertise and multicultural experiences gained as:

  • a senior in-house employment counsel in Asia and California;
  • a successful trial lawyer and law firm partner;
  • a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals law clerk and Supreme Court of California extern; and
  • an involved Board member of numerous diverse professional associations and non-profit organizations.

Cynthia mediates in her comfortable conference space on the tip of Lake Merritt—a lovely and convenient part of downtown Oakland—or travels to mediate upon request.  Cynthia arbitrates exclusively as a panelist with the American Arbitration Association.


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Cynthia has mediated well over a thousand cases, filed and pre-filed, federal and state, over 20+ years—all with a consistent success rate well above 90%.

Cynthia attributes her mediation success to a combination of preparation, collaboration, expertise, persistence, and a direct but respectful approach.

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As a member of the American Arbitration Association’s panels, Cynthia has arbitrated scores of cases to effective resolution, covering a wide range of employment and business disputes.

She has arbitrated the claims of individuals, multiple-parties and in class actions.

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