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Cynthia feels privileged to mediate each and every case, and yours would be no exception.  She has mediated hundreds of filed, and pre-filed, federal and state cases over 18+ years (full-time since 2008; part-time from 1990-2000), consistently helping to resolve about 95% of them.  Although Cynthia specializes in employment-related mediation, she also has successfully mediated a variety of intellectual property and business disputes.

Cynthia has mediated every sort of employment-related claim, including:

  • discrimination and harassment (including accommodation, interactive process, access, medical leaves);
  • retaliation, whistle-blower, unfair business practices, public policy;
  • wrongful termination, reductions-in-force, breach of contract, interference with economic advantage;
  • wage and hour, benefits, equity plans; and
  • privacy, defamation, false imprisonment, assault, battery, fraud.

In addition to drawing on her years of domestic and international employment litigation and ADR experience, Cynthia attributes her mediation success to a combination of preparation, collaboration, expertise, persistence, and a direct but respectful approach.

Cynthia mediates in her own full-time neutral practice, but also serves on the American Arbitration Association’s mediation panel, on the Superior Court of Alameda County’s mediation panel and on that Court’s ADR Administration Committee.

Cynthia recognizes that matching a mediator to a given matter can be challenging and critical to a successful outcome.  Cynthia is pleased to help the parties determine if she is the right mediator and, if not, to recommend someone who might be a better fit.

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