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Mediator Fees

Mediator Fee Rate

Cynthia’s full day mediation rate is as follows:

  •  $6,000 for all cases except class and collective actions, no matter how many parties in a single lawsuit; and
  •  $7,000 for all class and collective actions.

Cynthia’s flat mediator fee includes 1) the Pre-Mediation Conference Call with counsel about two to three weeks before the mediation;    2) all of her preparation time; and 3) any reasonable amount of follow up, should that be needed.

Cynthia does not mediate on a half-day or hourly basis.

Fee Due Date

Mediator fees are due two weeks from the date our invoices are e-mailed.

Cancellation or Postponement Fees

Cynthia does not charge any fee should a scheduled mediation be cancelled or need rescheduling.  However, Cynthia encourages parties to let her know as soon as possible if a schedule adjustment is likely to be requested.

AAA Mediations

If you are mediating with Cynthia through AAA, please refer to Cynthia’s rates and cancellation policy by contacting AAA at 877-495-4185, or by visiting

Photo above used by permission of Bay Area artist William Zhang.